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Shri. Hari Om Dhanuka the Chairman of the universal developers is among the leading lights of Amritsar textile, cable television and real estate industry. A self-made man, dhanuka has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify new businesses and lead them on the path to success.

Mr. Dhanuka is rightly referred to as the Media Moghul of Amritsar. He revolutionized the cable television industry in Amritsar by launching the first private cable TV station with zee’s Siti cable. Dhanuka came with a mission to provide “International Quality Housing at Affordable Prices”, it outcome was an 272 yards villas project in the city of Amritsar known as– “Amrit Villas ”

He believes that the key to happiness is to take success in your stride and not be depressed when you fail. Just keep doing your Karma, is his core mantra, making him indeed a true Karmayogi.